Just about anyone doing business would like to bypass the potential risks associated with buying second-hand laptops. Without the right information, a bulk order might impact the daily work of any organization. So before buying, it’s necessary to be aware of a few things for a better return on investment.

Vision IT is a well-known retailer, selling refurbished laptops of various brands across India. As reliable dealers in this industry, we regularly deal with queries of corporate clients. If your organization is interested into bulk purchase, we can surely help you reduce the risks and fears of buying used laptops with experience and knowledge.

So what are Refurbished laptops?

-A ‘Refurbished laptop’ is classified as a device that:

  • Has been unboxed by an original customer but is unused due to some reason.  
  • Cannot be repackaged as a brand-new one in a retail store. 
  • Has been used only once and returned to the store as a ‘pre-owned laptop. 

All top-selling brands undergo stringent tests before they are packed and sent for sale. If a particular default is found while testing, the laptop is refurbished to meet the quality standard required for optimal operation.

There are other types of refurbished models available in the market.

  • The old stock by a company.
  • Demo models for customers. 
  • Cancelled orders by some companies.
  • Models returned due to minor scratches or damage to the physical body. 
  • Laptops that were unpacked from the boxes but are unused. 

What should you consider before buying a high-quality configured model?

Often a company chooses to change the older models to accommodate newer ones. The older models cannot be upgraded after a point as the hardware does not support upgrades. A refurbished desktop is a better bargain from a well-known manufacturer. 

We know that buyers wish to own devices at lower cost with higher functionality. We recommend to opt for tech-company models by Dell Technologies, Apple, HP or Lenovo. 

How do we offer customers with good deals?

  • We provide pre-owned laptop devices with a strong-rigid body which can perform well for longer hours.
  • We offer warranty on the devices which are relatively new.
  • One can get a specific model from our e-store. 
  • Our engineers devise the configuration and specification as per your requirement. 
  • We encourage you to tell us the minimum cost or budget depending on the computing needs. 

Tips to consider

  • Check the availability of models online. We let you check the battery and body of the device in person. 
  • Check for scratches on the screen and hinges that hold the entire equipment. 
  • If you find an issue, get it fixed before buying in bulk.

Which accessories come free with a refurbished desktop? 

Vision IT professionals will focus on the RAM, power adapters, CPU or graphic cards. If you find anything missing, we are just a call away! do call us on the number provided. We could set up some lucrative deals for your office needs.   

So, Are you looking for the latest technology to be fitted? We are here to help you!