Quality is our #1 priority at Vision IT Peripherals. When working with us, you will quickly learn that quality is what separates us from our competitors. Vision IT Peripherals will strive to meet and exceed all customer requirements and expectations and provide on-time delivery of defect-free IT Products.

Vision IT Peripherals commitment to continuous improvement means great value is placed on teamwork, education, training, and prevention-oriented techniques across all possible aspects of company operations. Our in-house quality assurance technicians verify every lot of parts to ensure it meets our customers’ high standards.

We welcome all confirmed Vision IT Peripherals clients to visit our facilities to validate the high quality workmanship and quality control standards that we demand from our global partners.

Vision IT Peripherals incorporates a robust quality plan to inspect and verify every lot. Our in-house quality assurance professionals maintain the highest standards of training and education. Every product that comes in to Vision IT Peripherals is segregated until all material and inspections have been completed and certified. We also maintain a database with a full complement of quality records for immediate retrieval when required.

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