Motherboard for Lenovo ThinkStation C20.

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This Motherboard is for Lenovo ThinkStation C20.
Part Number and other Specifications in Description below.

This Motherboard is for:-
Lenovo ThinkStation C20.

Part Number of this Lenovo Motherboard…:-
71Y9020, 71Y9023, 03T8041, 03T8042, 46R4545, 64Y6338, 71Y4933.

Suitable system for this motherboard…:-
MT 4264: 11A

MT 4266: 11U, 11F

MT 4262: 11Q, 12Q, 14F, 13J.

MT 4272: 14G, 15G, 16G, 17G, 18G, 19G.

MT 4265:
11G, 12G, 13G, 14G, 15G, 16G, 17G, 18G, 19G, 21G, 22G, 48G, 49G,
51G, 52G, 61G, 62G, 63G, 1JG, 1KG, 1LG.

MT 4269:
23G, 24G, 25G, 26G, 27G, 28G, 29G, 31G, 32G, 33G, 34G, 35G.

MT 4263:
39M, 41J, 11G, 12G, 13G, 14G, 15G, 16G, 17G, 18G, 19G, 21G, 22G, 23G, 24G, 25G,
67U, 67F, 67S, 57G, 58G, 59G, 61G, 62G, 63G, 46C, 47C, 48C, 49C, 52C, 53C,
54C, 55C, 56C, 31T, 32A, 34A, 35A, 36Q, 64K, 64R, 65K, 65R, 66K, 66R, 78J,
68J, 69J, 71U, 71F, 71S, 71L, 71D, 71Y, 71G, 71M, 71A, 71Q, 71T, 71C, 71B, 71H,
71V, 71K, 71R, 71E, 71J, 72U, 72F, 72S, 72L, 72D, 72Y, 72G, 72M, 72A, 72Q,
72T, 72C, 72B, 72H, 72V, 72K, 72R, 72E, 72J, 12U, 12F, 12S, 12L, 12D, 12Y,
12M, 12A, 12Q, 12T, 12C, 12B, 12H, 12V, 12K, 12R, 12E, 12J, 22U, 22F, 22S, 22L,
22D, 22Y, 22M, 22A, 22Q, 22T, 22C, 22B, 22H, 22V, 22K, 22R, 22E, 22J, 23U,
23F, 23S, 23L, 23D, 23Y, 23M, 23A, 23Q, 23T, 23C, 23B, 23H, 23V, 23K, 23R,
23E, 23J, 79U, 79F, 79S, 81U, 81F, 81S, 82U, 82F, 82S, 61U, 61F, 61S, 61L, 61D,
61Y, 61M, 61A, 61Q, 61T, 61C, 61B, 61H, 61V, 61K, 61R, 61E, 61J, 63U, 63F, 63S,
63L, 63L, 63D, 63Y, 63M, 63A, 63Q, 63T, 63C, 63B ,63H, 63V, 63K, 63R, 63E,
63J, 86M, 87M, 88M, 89M, 91M, 84J, 85J, 83C, 92A, 93A, 94A, 95A, 96C, 97U,
97F, 97S, 97P, 97L, 97D, 97Y, 97M, 97A, 97Q, 97T, 97C, 97B, 97H, 97V, 97K, 97R,

97E, 97J, 98U, 98F, 98S, 98P, 98L, 98D, 98Y, 98M, 98A, 98Q, 98T, 98C, 98B, 98H,
98V, 98K, 98R, 98E, 98J, 99U, 99F, 99S, 99P, 99L, 99D, 99Y, 99M, 99A, 99Q, 99T,
99C, 99B, 99H, 99V, 99K, 99R, 99E, 99J, A1U, A1F, A1S, A1P, A1L, A1D, A1Y, A1M, A1A,
A1Q, A1T, A1C, A1B, A1H, A1V, A1K, A1R, A1E, A1J, A2U, A2F, A3U, A3F, A4U, A4F, A5J,
A6J, A7G, A8G, A9G, B1G, B2G, B3U, B3F, B4U, B4F.

MT 4265:
37M, 39J, 41J, 42J, 11G, 12G, 13G, 14G, 15G, 16G, 17G, 18G, 19G, 21G, 22G, 54U, 54F,
54S, 55U, 55F, 55S, 48G, 49G, 51G, 52G, 23H, 24H, 25H, 29V, 31V, 32V, 46U, 46F, 46S,
46C, 47C, 33Q, 33K, 33R, 34Q, 53K, 53R, 67M, 68M, 69M, 71J, 56J, 57J, 58J, 59J,
61G, 62G, 63G, 13U, 13F, 13S, 13L, 13D, 13Y, 13M, 13A, 13Q, 13T, 13C, 13B, 13H, 13V, 13K,
13R, 13E, 13J, 26J, 64H, 65V, 66H, 79M, 81M, 82M, 74J, 75J, 76J, 77J, 78J, 73C, 83J,
84J, 85J, 86J, 87J, 88J, 89B, 89H, 91B, 91H, 92U, 92F, 93U, 93F, 94U, 94F, 94S, 94P,
94L, 94D, 94Y, 94M, 94A, 94Q, 94T, 94C, 94B, 94H, 94V, 94K, 94R, 94E, 94J, 95U,
95F, 96B, 96H, 97U, 97F, 98U, 98F, 99U, 99F, 1AM, 1BM, 1CM, 1DJ, 1EJ, 1FJ, 1GJ,
1HJ, 1MU, 1MF.

MT 4269:
11U, 11F, 11S, 12U, 12F, 12S, 13U, 13F, 13S, 45M, 46M, 47M, 17U, 17F, 17S, 17L, 17D,
17Y, 17G, 17M, 17A, 17Q, 17T, 17C, 17B, 17H, 17V, 17K, 17R, 17E, 17J, 18G, 19U, 19F,
19S, 19L, 19D, 19Y, 19G, 19M, 19A, 19Q, 19T, 19C, 19B, 19H, 19V, 19K, 19R, 19E, 19J,
21U, 21F, 21S, 21L, 21D, 21Y, 21G, 21M, 21A, 21Q, 21T, 21C, 21B, 21H, 21V, 21K, 21R,
21E, 21J, 22U, 22F, 22S, 22L, 22D, 22Y, 22G, 22M, 22A, 22Q, 22T, 22C, 22B, 22H,
22V, 22K, 22R, 22E, 22J, 23G, 24G, 25G, 26G, 27G, 28G, 29G, 31G, 32G, 33G, 34G,
35G, 36A, 37A, 38A, 39A, 41A, 42C, 43C, 44A, 49Q, 55M, 56M, 57M, 58M, 59M, 52J,
53J, 54J, 51C, 61B, 61H, 62A, 63A, 64A, 65A, 66A, 67C, 68U, 68F, 69U, 69F, 71U, 71F,
72U, 72F, 73U, 73F, 74U, 74F, 75U, 75F, 76J, 77J, 78J.

MT 4272:
11J, 12J, 13J, 14G, 15G, 35U, 35F, 35S, 16G, 17G, 18G, 19G, 21V, 22V, 23V, 24V, 25V, 26V,
27V, 28V, 29V, 31H, 32H, 33H, 34Q, 37J, 38J, 36C, 39J, 41U, 41F, 41S, 41P, 41L, 41D, 41Y,
41M, 41A, 41Q, 41T, 41C, 41B, 41H, 41V, 41K, 41R, 41E, 41J, 42U, 42F, 43U, 43F, 44J, 45J, 46J.

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