Motherboard for Lenovo ThinkStation D20.

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This Motherboard is for Lenovo ThinkStation D20.
Part Number and other Specifications in Description below.


This Motherboard is for:-
Lenovo ThinkStation D20.

Part Number of this Lenovo Motherboard…:-
71Y8826, 71Y8828, 03T8043, 03T8044, 46R4545,
71Y7060, 64Y9118, 64Y9121, 71Y4934, 71Y7061.

Suitable system for this motherboard…:-
MT 4155, MT 4158, MT 4218:
42G, 43G, 44J, 45M, 46M, 47U, 47F, 48C, 49C, 51H, 52V, 53V, 54Q, 54C, 55Q, 55C,
69A, 69Q, 69K, 71A, 71Q, 71K, 72A, 72Q, 73G, 74G, 75G, 76J, 77J, 78J, C9J, D1G,
D2G, D3G, D4G, E6M, E7M, E8M, E2J, E3J, E4J, E5J, D8G, D9G, E1U, E1F, D5H,
D6H, D7C, A3C, A4H, A4V, A5J, A6J, A8J, A9J, B1J, B2M, B2E, B3M, B3E, B4M,
B4E, B5M, B5E, 79G, 81G, 82G, 92G, 93G, 94G, 95G, 96G, 97G, 98G, B6U, B6F,
B6S, B7U, B7F, B7S, 81G, 83G, 84G, 85G, 86G, 87G, 88G, 89G, 91G, 99A, 99Q,
99T, 99K, 99R, A1A, A1Q, A1T, A2A, A2Q, A2T, B8C, B9H, B9V, C1G, C2G, C3G,
C4G, C5C, C6C, C7C, C8C, F2J, F3J, F4J, F5J, F6J, F7B, F7H, F8B, F8H, F9C,
E9U, E9F, F1U, F1F, G1U, G1F, G2M.


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