Power Supply (SMPS) for Lenovo ThinkStation S20 Series.

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This Power Supply (SMPS) is for Lenovo ThinkStation S20 Series.
Part Number and other Specifications in Description below.


This Power Supply (SMPS) is for:-
Lenovo ThinkStation S20 Series.

Part Number of this Lenovo Power Supply (SMPS)…:-
41A9758, FS8003, 0A37784, 41A9759.

Capacity:- 625W

Suitable system for this Power Supply (SMPS)…:-
Lenovo ThinkStation S10 Series,
Lenovo ThinkStation S30 Series,
Lenovo ThinkStation S20 Series:-
MT 4105, MT 4217, Mt 4157:-
18C, 19C, 19B, 19H, 19V, 21C, 21B, 21H, 21V, 11U, 11F, 12U, 12F, 13U, 13F, 14U, 14F, 15U,
15F, 16U, 16F, 17U, 17F, 27G, 24G, 25G, 26G, 32B, 32H, 32V, 32C, 33B, 33H, 33V, 33C,
34B, 34H, 34V, 34C, 18H, 18V, 18K, 42Q, 43Q, 44A, 44T, 44K, 45A, 45T, 45K, 35M,
36M, 37M, 38U, 38F, 39U, 39F, 41U, 23G, 28G, 29G, 31G, 46M, 46A, 46Q, 46T, 47J,
48M, 48A, 48Q, 48T, 49J, 51C, 51B, 51H, 51V, 52C, 52B, 52H, 52V, 53C, 53B, 53H,
53V, 54U, 54F, 55U, 55F, 56U, 56F, 57U, 57F, 58U, 58F, 59G, 61G, 62G, 63G, 64G,
65G, 66G, 67G, 68J, 69J, 71J, 72J, 73J, 74M, 75M, 76M, 77M, 78M, 79U, 79F, 81C,
82C, 83C, 84H, 85H, 86V, 87V, 88V, 89Q, 89C, 91Q, 91C, 92Q, 92C, 93Q, C3C, C4C,
C5B, C5H, A8J, A9M, B1M, B2M, B3M, B4M, B5M, B6M, B7M, B9M, C1M, C2J, A1J,
A2J, A3J, A4J, A5J, A6J, A7J, 94G, 95G, 96G, 97U, 97F, 97S, 98U, 98F, 98S, 99U, 99F,
99S, C6A, C6Q, C6K, C7A, C7Q, C7K, C8A, C8Q, C8K, C9A, D1G, D2G, D3G, D4J, D5J,
D6J, D7J, D8M, D9M, E1M, K9J, L1U, L1F, L9G, M1G, M2G, N1M, N2M, N3M, N4M, N5M,
N6M, N7M, N8M, M3J, M4J, M5J, M6J, M7J, M8J, M9J, L6G, L7G, L8G, L2M, L2C, L2H,
L3H, L4H, L5H, G1C, G2J, G3M, G3J, G4J, G5J, G6M, G6E, G7M, G7E, G8J, G9J, H1J,
H2M, H3M, H4M, H5M, H6J, H7J, H8J, H9J, J1M, J2M, E2G, E3G, E4G, E5G, F6U, F6F,
F6S, F7U, F7F, F7S, J3U, J3F, J3S, E6G, E7G, E8G, E9G, F1G, F2G, F3G, F4G, F5G, F8A,
F8Q, F8T, F8H, F8V, F8K, F8R, F9A, F9Q, F9T, F9K, F9R, J4U, J4F, J4S, J5A, J5Q, J5T,
J5K, J5R, J6G, J7G, J8G, J9G, K1G, K2U, K2F, K2S, K2G, K3G, K3C, K4G, K4C, K5C, K6C,
K7G, K7C, K8U, K8F, K8S, K8C, P8M, P9M, R1J, R2J, R3J, R4J, P1G, P2G, R6B, R6H, R7B,
R7H, P3U, P3F, P5U, P5F, P6U, P6F, O8J, O4G, O5G, O6G, O7G, R9U, R9F, O1U, O1F, O2U,
O2F, O3U, O3F, 1AG, 1BG, 1CG, 1DB, 1DH, 1EM, 1FC, 1GB, 1GH, 1HB, 1HH.


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