Power Supply (SMPS) for Lenovo ThinkStation E20 Series.

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This Power Supply (SMPS) is for Lenovo ThinkStation E20 Series.
Part Number and other Specifications in Description below.

This Power Supply (SMPS) is for:-
Lenovo ThinkStation E20 Series.

Part Number of this Lenovo Power Supply (SMPS)…:-
45J9431, 45J9432

Capacity:- 280W

Suitable system for this Power Supply (SMPS)…:-
Lenovo ThinkStation E20 Series.
MT 4219,

MT 4221: 13C, 13B, 13H, 13V.

MT 4215:
11U, 11F, 11S, 11L, 11D, 11Y, 11G, 11M, 11A, 11Q, 11T, 11C, 11B, 11H, 11V, 11K, 11R, 11E, 11J.

MT 4222:
41B, 41H, 41V, 42B, 42H, 42V, 43B, 43H, 43V, 23M, 24M, 25M, 27M, 28J, 29J, 32J,
33J, 34J, 21G, 16G, 35U, 35F, 35S, 37U, 37F, 37S, 44A, 44Q, 44T, 44K, 44R, 45A,
45Q, 45T, 45K, 45R, 47C, 48C, 46A, 46Q, 46K, 46J, 49A, 49Q, 49K, 51A, 53G, 54G,
55G, 67U, 67F, 67S, 57G, 58G, 59G, 61G, 67U, 67F, 68U, 68F, 69U, 69F, 71J, 72M,
73M, 74M, 75M, 76G, 77G, 78G, 81U, 81F, 82J, 83J, 84J, 85J, 86J, 87J, 89J, 91C,
92C, 98J, 99J, A1J, 93U, 93F, 94U, 94F, 95U, 95F, 96U, 96F, 97U, 97F, A2G, A3G,
A4M, A5M, A6J, A7J, A8C.

MT 4220:
22M, 22J, 24J, 25J, 26M, 26J, 31J, 12G, 13G, 15G, 16G, 17G, 18G, 21G, 34U, 34F,
34S, 35U, 35F, 35S, 36U, 36F, 36S, 37U, 37F, 37S, 41A, 41Q, 41T, 41K, 41R, 42A,
42Q, 42T, 42K, 42R, 45H, 46B, 47H, 49C, 52C, 53A, 53Q, 53K, 54A, 54Q, 54K,
55A, 56A, 57A, 58A, 58Q, 58K, 58R, 59A, 61A, 62A, 63A, 64G, 69J, 72J, 73J, 74J,
78J, 82U, 82F, 82S, 82L, 82D, 82Y, 82G, 82M, 82A, 82Q, 82T, 82C, 82B, 82H, 82V,
82K, 82R, 82E, 82J, 82U, 82F, 82S, 82L, 82D, 82Y, 82G, 82M, 82A, 82Q, 82T, 82C,
82B, 82H, 82V, 82K, 82R, 82E, 82J, 83U, 83F, 83S, 83L, 83D, 83Y, 83G, 83M, 83A,
83Q, 83T, 83C, 83B, 83H, 83V, 83K, 83R, 83E, 83J, 84U, 84F, 84S, 84L, 84D, 84Y,
84G, 84M, 84A, 84Q, 84T, 84C, 84B, 84H, 84V, 84K, 84R, 84E, 84J, 85U, 85F, 85S,
85L, 85D, 85Y, 85G, 85M, 85A, 85Q, 85T, 85C, 85B, 85H, 85V, 85K, 85R, 85E, 85J,
86U, 86F, 86S, 86L, 86D, 86Y, 86G, 86M, 86A, 86Q, 86T, 86C, 86B, 86H, 86V, 86K,
86R, 86E, 86J, 87U, 87F, 87S, 87L, 87D, 87Y, 87G, 87M, 87A, 87Q, 87T, 87C, 87B,
87H, 87V, 87K, 87R, 87E, 87J, 88U, 88F, 88S, 88L, 88D, 88Y, 88G, 88M, 88A, 88Q,
88T, 88C, 88B, 88H, 88V, 88K, 88R, 88E, 88J, 91U, 91F, 92J, 93J, 94J, 95A, 96A,
97A, 98A, 99A, A1C, A2C, A3U, A3F, A4U, A4F, A5U, A5F, A5S, A5P, A5L, A5D, A5Y,
A5G, A5M, A5A, A5Q, A5T, A5C, A5B, A5H, A5V, A5K, A5R, A5E, A5J, A6U, A6F, A6S,
A6P, A6L, A6D, A6Y, A6G, A6M, A6A, A6Q, A6T, A6C, A6B, A6H, A6V, A6K, A6R, A6E,
A6J, A7U, A7F, A7S, A7P, A7L, A7D, A7Y, A7G, A7M, A7A, A7Q, A7T, A7C, A7B, A7H,
A7V, A7K, A7R, A7E, A7J, A8U, A8F, A8S, A8P, A8L, A8D, A8Y, A8G, A8M, A8A, A8Q,
A8T, A8C, A8B, A8H, A8V, A8K, A8R, A8E, A8J, A9U, A9F, A9S, A9P, A9L, A9D, A9Y,
A9G, A9M, A9A, A9Q, A9T, A9C, A9B, A9H, A9V, A9K, A9R, A9E, A9J, B1U, B1F, B1S,
B1P, B1L, B1D, B1Y, B1G, B1M, B1A, B1Q, B1T, B1C, B1B, B1H, B1V, B1K, B1R, B1E, B1J,
B2G, B3B, B3H, B4B, B4H, B5C, B6J.

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