VIP – PCI Express 1 port Serial + 1port Parallel Card

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The VIP PCI Serial + Parallel Card range of universal PCI Serial Parallel Cards provide the low-cost, high performance solution, that companies need when adding serial/parallel ports, supporting the full IEEE 1284 parallel port standard, and RS232 serial ports to a Windows or Linux based PC or Server. The range of VIP Serial Parallel Cards are PCI 2.3 compliant for 3.3v and 5v PCI bus slot support, and PCI-X compliant. Available in standard and low profile form factors, all VIP Serial Parallel Cards come with a 15 Kv electrostatic discharge protection and a Lifetime Warranty providing optimum reliability and peace of mind. Serial-parallel PCI combo Cards are also available for those applications that require both serial RS232 and parallel ports on a single PCI or PCI Express Card interface. VIP  PCI Cards are certified with 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows, Vista and Linux operating systems.
VIP – PCI Express 1 port Serial + 1port Parallel Card

  • 1-port parallel Card with 1 serial port
  • IEEE 1284 compliant SPP, ECP, EPP
  • 1 x DB25F parallel port and 1 x DB9M RS232 serial port
  • PCI Express ( PCIe ) bus slot support
  • Low profile MD1 and standard fit
  • 15Kv ESD protection
  • Windows, Vista and Linux OS drivers


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