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The PCI  X1  X1 surround sound Card lets you add 5.1 Channel audio to a desktop pc through a PCI  X1  X1 slot, giving you audio output, and microphone/line input via 3.5Mm mini-jacks. A cost-effective multimedia solution for delivering high quality surround sound, this PCI  X1  X1 sound Card lets you enjoy full-duplex, 48khz/16bit audio playback/recording, and offers support for hrtf 3d positional audio, Microsoft direct sound, direct sound 3d, and a3d. Three internal auxiliary input connectors let you connect your cd drive directly to the sound Card. If your drive features external control buttons, the Card allows playback without impeding your computers performance.

Item Weight  – 145 g

Product Dimensions – 16.7 x 14 x 2.8 cm


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