The speed of change in computer hardware is only getting crazier!  Unless you’ve got your own money press, keeping your company on the leading edge could break the bank.  Have you thought about refurbished hardware as a solution for your IT needs?  There are lots of reasons why you should!

Refurbished hardware provides an affordable and logical solution for ‘like-new’ equipment that has been through a complete preparation process that guarantees what you’re buying works like you need it to.  It’s a myth that refurbished hardware is anything less than reliable.  In fact, when you buy refurbished you’re often making a better decision than buying something new.


Benefits of Refurbished Hardware


Compared with buying new, refurbished hardware can save you between 50 to 75 percent on your IT investment.  In some cases, refurbished hardware can sell for as much as 80% less than new. Saving on IT can free up capital to invest in other areas of your organization.  Do more with less!

Low Failure Rates

In most cases, the equipment is only a few years old and still has Years of use left. Our testing process is very thorough; long enough to identify any defects.  Refurbished hardware failure rates are extremely low. In fact, they’re almost nonexistent. Which is supported by a warranty as well.


When you discard a five-pound laptop you are also throwing away the 20,000 pounds of raw materials it took to make it.  In a world where we are outstripping the planet’s natural capacity to replenish what we consume, this might be reason enough to choose refurbished electronics.

When you compare recycling and reuse in terms of energy, materials, CO2, toxic emissions, and more, it turns out that it’s about 25 times more beneficial environmentally to reuse computers than to recycle them.

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